Investigating the export of precious stones

Investigating the export of precious stones

Investigating the export of precious stones

Types of stones
The most commonly used are emerald, blue emerald, turquoise, agate, pearl and diamond. Most precious stones in Iran are agate, turquoise, crystal, garnet, ruby ​​and jasper. Iranian rubies and turquoise have the best quality in the whole world, of course, due to the government’s negligence and lack of proper programs, as well as people’s ignorance of Iran’s high quality reserves, has made Iran one of the 10 countries in terms of reserves and quality of stones. Is the world’s premier collection of precious gems, only to be mined.

Where are gemstones found?
Most precious stone mines in Iran are in Khorasan, Isfahan, East Azerbaijan, Hamedan and Zanjan. The most powerful producers of precious stones in the world: Brazil, India, Turkey, Russia, Italy, Germany and China.

Why are stone exports not registered in Iran?
The annual extraction volume of these rocks in Iran is very small compared to the huge available resources. Due to the lack of a comprehensive program, the amount and money of the issued amount are not recorded anywhere. There is no evidence for its trade, and its merchants export it in the form of suitcases, that is, the merchant himself puts turquoise or agate in his suitcase, goes to the destination country, and tries to sell it.

What is the turnover of the gemstone trade?
The turnover of the ornamental stones sector in the world is $ 800 billion. The largest importers of precious stones are Switzerland, China, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, India, Italy and Germany.
Until years ago, Turkish merchants bought Neishabour turquoise stones in large quantities and at low prices, and cut and made jewelry in their own country and exported them to other countries at a much higher price.

Until a law was passed based on the fact that Neishabour turquoise raw stone must be cut at least once for export.

Does the gemstone trade in Iran have a bright future?
Our country has the ability to have a strong and big brand in this regard, because there are resources that have a very high profit to the extent that if you buy a stone in Iran for 50,000 Tomans, you can sell it in other countries for $ 50. Bring it. Of course, these stones do not have a specific price in the world and vary depending on the country. Because the amount of profit is high, they also send it by air mail and it is economical.

But the problem is that in this case, the exporter must take his gems to the Central Bank of Tehran at his own expense and be valued there, wherever he is in Iran. For this reason, most exports are in the form of luggage and are not recorded.

Where to start exporting stones?
To enter the field of export of precious stones, after the best country has been selected as an export destination, you must provide information about the export laws of that country, the relevant licenses for export, customs fees and how to transport and send to that country, and… Gained comprehensive. Ferdowsi Business Center is provided with consulting packages for studying the market of applied customs education, basic information of countries, analysis of countries’ economies, statistics of Iran’s exports to those countries and everything that is needed to start exports.

After studying the export market, the next stage is training zero to one hundred exports. Ferdowsi Trade Center to prepare the steps of exporting precious stones in a practical and step-by-step manner with the cooperation of experienced consultants and with the experience of this center to prepare a comprehensive empowerment package. Have exported. In this package, zero to one hundred steps of exporting Iranian precious and semi-precious stones are taught step by step.

This package is for those who want to start exporting precious stones for the first time but do not know where to start. The second group of audiences of this package are those who are active in the field of export of precious stones, but have suffered losses or have not made a good profit in this field due to incomplete information.

In the comprehensive export empowerment package, all export-related processes are presented in a practical way from zero to one hundred, step by step. In fact, after reading this package, you will not be left with unanswered questions in the field of gemstone export.

Comprehensive Export Empowerment Package Abstract is a 360-hour course of export training that you enter the complex and specialized field of export with a clear vision and 100% readiness by using the educational contents of this package. Due to changes in export laws and processes over time, the information in this package is updated periodically. At Ferdowsi Business Center, we hope to be able to play an effective role in the growth and development of our beloved country by providing practical consulting packages in the field of exports along with producers.

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