All kinds of precious stones for trade

All kinds of precious stones for trade

There are many types of gemstones, each of which is known for its specific characteristics, in the following we will discuss the features and properties of each.

Emerald gemstone: The original emerald has a pure color and does not show a colored flash. However, natural emerald reflects a few flashes called fire, these stones are weak against heat and may crack due to heat. . Imitation emeralds, like the rainbow, show different colors and are recognizable. These stones are used to treat stomach disease and epilepsy. Emerald decoction is also used to treat cancer.

High Jade Emerald: High jade is another type of emerald stone that has a high color variety and its price is very high. This stone has anti-stress and anti-anxiety properties and is also used in seizures.

Turquoise: Turquoise is naturally formed in the mountains and rocks on the basis of water, and aluminum and copper are also involved in its formation. Due to the presence of water, turquoise stone has pores, this stone is widely used in making jewelry. Among the medicinal properties of turquoise, we can mention the improvement of heart and eye function.

Diamond: Diamond is one of the rarest gemstones in the world. These gemstones are clear and colorless and are found in nature in different colors, but in general they are not different in structure, red diamonds are found only in South Africa and Western Australia. Pink diamond is more rare and shows the highest clarity and quality. Diamond has many healing properties and prevents the formation of kidney stones, bladder and gallbladder, and is also effective in improving the function of the brain, cerebellum and muscular system.

Opal and ruby, famous gemstones
Sapphire: Sapphire is mined in various forms such as red, yellow, sapphire and green. Sapphire is a precious stone that is used in making rings.

Ruby: Ruby has a special structure that can be scratched by being placed next to other stones, impure ruby ​​with fine black beads is the original gem and is very rare without impurities and high quality. These stones are used to treat heart disease, strengthen the kidneys and improve the function of the circulatory system.

Opal Gemstone: Opal consists of repeated chalcedony and quartz strips. These minerals play an important role in the formation of metal oxides in these rocks and cause the opal rock to appear in different colors in nature. The most famous type of this stone is Yemeni or Yemeni agate, which is one of the most expensive agates. One of the characteristics of the original agate stone is that it does not scratch the glass and does not burn with fire. This stone is used to treat problems with concentration and memory and to regulate blood circulation.

In which regions of Iran are there different types of precious stones for trade?
In Iran, most precious stones are formed in the form of gravel and sedimentary materials in the riverbed, Ilam and Ceylon stones are formed in this way. Some stones, like the original pearl of an animal, are made from oysters and amber is made from the gum of trees. Important areas of gemstone formation are Neishabour, Kerman, Azarshahr, Ilam, Qom, Khorasan, Hamedan, Isfahan, Kurdistan and Semnan.

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