Exports of opal’s stone

Exports of opal’s stone

The export of precious stones is one of the most attractive and profitable types of exports. The annual turnover of imports and exports of precious stones in the world is about $ 800 billion. Iran has a small share of this turnover, despite its large gemstone mines. Among the exports of precious stones, the export of agate has a high potential in Iran. Many countries in the region, European countries and even the United States, buy Iranian opal.

Unfortunately, to date, no special attention has been paid to this part of Iran’s exports, and many agate traders lack sufficient experience and knowledge. Many traders do not even know the true value of these gems, and many Iranian gemstones are sold for a small amount each year. Exporting opal can be highly profitable for the exporter and of course for the country (in terms of foreign exchange inflows).

What you need to know about export opal
Agate is one of the semi-precious stones of Iran. This stone is an important part of Iran’s export of precious and semi-precious stones. Light color and fine-grained structure are the main features of this stone. There are many different colors of opal that are used in the export of opal. Yellow, blue, light green, gray, red and white are some of the colors of this stone. Opal stones with white, red and yellow colors are more in demand and constitute the main part of opal exports.
Turquoise, pearl, jade, emerald, zircon, chrysocell, amethyst, geodite and braille are other precious and semi-precious stones in Iran. So far, nearly 200 areas have been identified in Iran that have mines rich in Iranian precious stones.

Where to get agate?
You may be wondering where to start for the supply and export of opal. The first step is to identify areas that have opal mines. We have made it easy for you. Here are some areas where agate has been identified:

  • Baig mine located in Khorasan Razavi
  • Shajar Bamrud agate mine in South Khorasan
  • Southwest region of Trudeau
  • Areas of Kerman
  • Central regions of Central Alborz
  • Eastern regions of Qaen in South Khorasan
  • Southeastern regions of Trudeau

To which countries is Iranian agate exported?
The high quality of Iranian decorative stones, various designs and colors and their reasonable prices have made many countries want to buy them. Of course, part of Iran’s opal export is related to the sale of raw stone, which is cut in the destination country and various products are produced from them.

China, the United States, Hong Kong and Switzerland are the largest importers of precious and semi-precious stones in the world. These countries account for more than 70% of the import of decorative stones. Due to banking and exchange sanctions, Iranian agate is exported to these countries in a limited way. Unfortunately, a significant portion of these stones are smuggled out of Iran.

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